EVS Diary

Paul Arden: "It's better to regret what you have done than what you haven't"

Less than one month left and I will say “Čau“ (perhaps it might be better to say “Uvidíme sa“). Nine months passed in a snap of the fingers. I am not even surprised - I expected that. After more or less half of year I finally got used to everything and now, when I have my favorite places, know what makes me relaxed, and how to behave in daily situations, I will go back to Lithuania. Anyway, it is not about complaining, right? I want to tell what has happened!

We already have organized many events by our initiative and realized that the greatest inspiration is the deadline. Volunteering budget even taught us how to make splendid things without spending money. To be honest, I will miss the feeling when it is the day of our event. You are brainstorming, squeezing out motivation, working, working, and finally see that it was worth it.

I organized a workshop about habits. This topic is very significant to me. Therefore I realized that implementing the workshop idea could push me to be even more interested. It worked. It is not very difficult to be hungry for knowledge when you are burning with desire.

We have been looking for more activities. Now we are going to a kindergarten, teaching some English words, giving activities, and learning to find a way to children trust. They are an example - they showed me that the world is less complicated.

It is good to do yourself a service by serving others. Little by little I am mastering the art of coffee making, talking in Slovak with customers when it comes only about orders, and feeling confident in the place which was so unfamiliar in the beginning.

Less than one month left... Anyway, I am so ready to take everything out of it. At the end of June, I will have an acoustic ukulele evening. I bought this vulnerable instrument here, in Bratislava. I received my pocket money and went to buy it as soon as possible with the help of my beloved mentor. The acoustic evening is not the last time when I am singing in Bratislava. Deep down I am dreaming about singing in the street. Hesitating, hearing my heart beating, postponing... Nevertheless, I will do it.

Once again, less than one month left. It is a confirmation which goes personally to me. Let's get the ball rolling.

Text: Ieva Rakauskaite
Foto: Ieva Rakauskaite

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