EVS Diary

The end of one road is the beginning of another

The end of my road of volunteering is so close that I can’t realize it or maybe I just don’t want to think about leaving Bratislava. Flights to Finland has been booked and it’s time to step forward as well as take a look back.

In general, I really like that we managed finding new activities and testing so wide range of new things in the middle of cafeteria routines. We have created many events such as quiz nights and language meetings and it looks like they have been successful. We just started to work with the last quiz night since people were already asking for it.

Helping in kindergarten and preparing English lessons and games for Slovak kids have been a totally new experience to me since I’m not used to work with kids. The positive energy and innocence of children are so refreshing and great to see the potential of every single child. We have also visited in some schools for promoting volunteering and discussing with youngsters about possibilities after high school. I hope some of the teenagers will be brave enough to apply for European Solidarity Corps projects as well. This path is something I could warmly recommend for everyone.

However, the biggest thing I have done in my project is the personal project, which actually fulfilled my long-term dream. I collected all photographs which I have took in Bratislava during the year and chose the best ones for my first own photo exhibition, Momentum. The process was taking a lot of time, efforts and patience but when I saw the photographs on the walls, I almost started to cry for happiness.

For me, this is what EVS should be. Catching the possibilities when there is chance to try something new. Keeping eyes open for fleeting moments. Fulfilling dreams and enjoying what was done. I’m already waiting for the surprises which the last month will bring me.

Text: Eeva Kurikkala
Foto: Eeva Kurikkala

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