EVS Diary

The process of finding “the real me”

I’m a 19-year-old EVS-volunteer from Kalajoki, Finland. I’m volunteering in Dom Quo Vadis, a catholic cafeteria and community center in beautiful Bratislava. In addition to work in the cafeteria, my tasks are planning and organising events and workshops, arranging books in the library and helping with all activities happening in the house.

I started my time as a volunteer on September and since it I have naturally faced both success and difficulties on my way. The very beginning was confusing with a new environment and culture but after the first weeks it got easier and I started to understand how is it to live in the capital of Slovakia.

The work itself was not exactly what I expected and that’s why I have had to learn the ability of adapting and finding solutions for new and challenging situations. On the other hand, I have met a great amount of new, different people, both locals and other foreigners living in Slovakia. One of the best things during this time has definitely been these spontaneous conversations with random people at the cafe or on the street.

While searching for my limits and stepping out from comfort zones, I have actually learned a lot of my own culture and language. I have also got to know myself so much better: what is really important to me and who I actually am.

As an EVS-volunteer, I have got an unique opportunity to dive into a different universe of culture and test how to survive without family and friends and familiar environment. The process of finding “the real me” is going on.

Text and foto: Eeva/ EVS volunteer

Eeva is volunteering for 10 months in Dom Quo Vadis. BDC is coordinating organization for this project.

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