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What after EVS?

Opportunities if you are older than 30 years

When I started my EVS I was aware that EVS is just for young people under the age of 30 years. What I didn´t know you can just participate in a “long-term” EVS once in your life.

My EVS was for 4 months. Long-term means between 2 and 12 months. Everyone who asked me about my duration was surprised due to the short period of 4 months and said something like “oh so you are here just for a short time”. If you want to do an EVS be aware of the duration. It is an amazing opportunity and I really feel part of such a big community like the EVS community for the first time in my life.

As all EVS projects have a limited duration my project ends in December 2018 and like everybody who knows that his current project, job or passion will find an end the question pops up in your mind: “What after?” There are so many opportunities and the first step is to focus on what you want if there would not be any limitations. If you are interested in going abroad after your EVS or you are older than 30 years, which is the limit for EVS here are some opportunities for you:

1. EURES (European Employment Services) is a cooperation network formed by public employment services. It is an agency of the EU set up to facilitate employment mobility among the member states and it maintains a database of jobs as a useful means to search and apply for jobs in the EU, EEA, and Switzerland. Here is the webpage link.

2. The EU Aid Volunteers offers opportunities for European citizens to become volunteers in humanitarian projects worldwide, showing solidarity with people in need of assistance;  professional support by trained and well-prepared volunteers to communities affected by a disaster; capacity building for local staff and volunteers of aid organizations in countries hit by disasters; technical assistance for organizations based in Europe to strengthen their capacities to participate in the EU Aid Volunteers initiative.

With EU Aid Volunteers you can:

  • Volunteer full-time in a humanitarian aid project around the world for between one and 18 months
  • No time to volunteer away from home? Online volunteering opportunities give the flexibility to support humanitarian aid projects wherever you are, fitting in with your other commitments
  • To be an EU Aid Volunteer you need to be an EU citizen or long-term resident of an EU Member State and you must be a minimum age of 18. Online volunteering will be open to volunteers of any nationality
  • EU Aid Volunteers deployed to humanitarian aid projects will receive training, accommodation and travel costs covered, and may have the possibility to undertake additional training in a European humanitarian organization before deployment

3. Service Civil International  is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting a culture of peace by organizing international voluntary projects for people of all ages and backgrounds. The organization consists of 42 branches and an ever-growing number of partner organizations. You can take part in Workcamps, Long-Term Volunteering, Non-formal education or general projects and programs. Look for yourself, there are many different possibilities all over the world. Sometimes you get paid, sometimes you need to pay a small fee. You can find more info here.

These are some inspirations. For sure, there are more possibilities. In the end, you have to find the right for yourself.

Nicola, EVS Volunteer

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