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Why Am I ESC Volunteer?

Already three months that I unpacked my suitcases, time is flying… My name is Morgane, I’m french and I’m the new ESC volunteer at BDC. Nice to meet you ! Before going through my experience as volunteer here in Slovakia, I would like to explain you why I choose to be part of this program.

I heard about this European Union initiative four years ago (at this time its name was European Voluntary Service). I was still student, so I kept it in my mind until September 2018. During these years my first motivations were completed by new ones. At the beginning, the idea to be useful, to be involved in a project I would trust in and meeting new people in a new environment was enough for me. Since I’m a child I’m dreaming to live and work abroad so it was also a good motivation for me. Even if at this time I wasn’t comfortable at all with the idea to speak english.. As you probably know, french people are not really well-know for their language skills.

So, related to this dream I had two option, limited myself to live in a french spoken country or to improve my english. To be totally honest, the idea to study english with books or app was kinda boring for me and because a dream doesn’t have time limitation, I didn’t really stress myself with it. But before settle down somewhere abroad it was for me a need to feel comfortable with my english, I just needed to find opportunities to improve it. Finally it’s thank to my second art school that I really started to fulfilled this dream. I had the opportunity to participate at a workshop in Berlin for one week. Another student and me were supposed to be participants but we realized when we arrived there that we were part of the speakers as assistant of our teacher. Imagine our faces at this time when we understand it ! But thanks to it I realized that I can speak english in front of a group of foreigner people, not very well but still. And most important thing, I survived ! After that I jumped on the opportunity to study abroad during 5 months with the idea to finally enter in the professional world and I forgot a little about my first idea to be a ESC volunteer.

It’s when i finished my studies and started to look for a job as graphic designer that I realized how hard it’s to sign a contract when you’re a junior. Companies want you to have at least one year of experience but no ones give you the chance to have it. So I began to work in a restaurant and started to think about my options.

The ESC program came again in my mind at this time. It was finally the best option for me, feel useful in a project i trust in, live abroad during few months and continue to improve my english. The missing part was to gain experience as graphic designer. If i could find it, this plan would be perfect. So I started to check missions more or less closed to my major in September. Everything went fast, I found few missions very interesting. I applied and here I am !

There is as much motivations as people to be part of this program. We all have different life story, dreams, goals in our life and this European Union initiative is a way to achieve it. In my case, I consider the European Solidarity Corps as a springboard for my professional life, what could it be for you? ;-)

Text/ Foto: Morgane Le Tennier/ BDC

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