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Denník dobrovoľníka

12 months

It’s the end. The end of this adventure which totally didn’t happen how I expected.

If I said that it was a bad adventure, I would lie. If I said that it was a good adventure, I would lie also. It’s in the middle. This year has lasted really quickly. I can’t say so much things because of the sanitary crisis, I didn’t do what I wanted. I didn’t move a lot, I didn’t visit a lot, I met just my colleagues, my lector, my mentor and my flatmates, because I was scared.

But I know that I learnt some things about myself. Things that I knew before, or things that I discovered again about myself.

But there is one thing with what I’m really proud: my Slovak language. It’s the first time that I really take pleasure to learn a new language, it’s like a new game, even if it’s a difficult language, I really want to continue to learn it, after my ESC project.

I also know that I really like the work that I did here, in Mladež Ulice. And even if with the different language it was difficult, it makes me want to continue to be a youth worker in France or other countries. Or also manage some team of volunteers, like I did before.

Even if it was neither a bad nor a good year, I’m happy for living this year, and for having this opportunity. I would recommend that to other persons, in better condition but, sometimes, we don’t know how will be the life. We just have to try to enjoy it, as much as possible.

Text a foto: Samuel Steyer

Samuel je dobrovoľník na projekte v neziskovej organizácii Mládež ulice, ktorý administruje Bratislavské dobrovoľnícke centrum. Projekt bol podporený z projektu EÚ Európsky zbor solidarity.

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