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6 months

I’m in Slovakia for 6 months now. And I can say that the time goes very fast. Too fast. I guess that it’s because I enjoy this project. But I don’t guess, I’m sure. This mission, this way of life, is fascinating. I consider myself very lucky to take part of this adventure and I hope that it will continue again and again. Maybe it is just the beginning of a new lifestyle. Certainly.

I can tell you what happened between this blog and the last one. Few things. And I’m able to say that, yes, my expectations becomes reality. And I will make them again and again and more and more.

So what were my expectations? See landscapes, talk Slovak and learn about the Slovak culture.

Because of the situation, it’s not easy but: I could go to the family of my girlfriend, near to Poprad during few weeks. And it was really amazing. I could live a Slovak Christmas, at first we can think that it’s very different than a French Christmas and I will lie if I say that it’s not, but not as much! I know, it’s also different between each family (Slovak or French families). For me, the biggest difference was that we weren’t eating during long hours! We cut apple and opened a walnut, so I will see how will be the year! I could not say more about the differences because I think the best way to see differences, is to live one. But I can say that I really appreciated this Christmas and Slovak people can look like cold at the first time but if we interest ourselves at their tradition, or them, they can be very good hosts.

And near to Poprad there are beautiful places: High Tatras. I was very lucky because, each morning, each evening, I could see these beautiful mountains. I find them very calming, relaxing. With the snow everywhere. I haven’t seen a lot of snow like that since 2013 in France, it was a wonderful landscape. And thanks to the snow (and the ice!) I could walk on the lake in Štrbské Pleso. Few seconds! (I didn’t want to run under the ice…)

And what about the Slovak language? Well, when you must talk or understand, or be interested with Slovak people who don’t speak English, you learn by yourself. I knew some words before, so it was easier than if I knew nothing. But I had to, especially to hear and listen again and again. Finally, even if after these weeks I don’t speak more Slovak, I understand better and better and it makes me want to continue to learn.

What next? I will just continue to enjoy this ESC project and to make my best to make it better and better.

Text a foto: Samuel Steyer

Samuel je dobrovoľník na projekte v neziskovej organizácii Mládež ulice, ktorý administruje Bratislavské dobrovoľnícke centrum. Projekt bol podporený z projektu EÚ Európsky zbor solidarity.

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