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Hello! After a hot and full-of-fun summer here I am again. I have to be honest, I was expecting a more severe cold during November, but so far it is good for a Mediterranean volunteer. And I am lucky that Bratislava has a lot of second-hand shops for clothes so that I can get what I need for the winter. Anyway, I would like to talk about my midterm training which occurred at the beginning of November (maybe I can talk about my summer adventures for the next blog writing). 

I was excited because I got friends from the on-arrival training with whom I still keep in touch. That’s why these trainings are important, you can learn about Slovakia and the different cities in it. You can travel to those cities with your friends (and maybe you’ll get free accommodation thanks to them ☺) and share the joy of exploring new places with nice people. That’s why I was excited about the second training. Luckily, Jhoana and Mariam (my volunteer friends from Venezuela and Georgia) thought of going together to Tatransky Zruby where the training was going to occur so that we could make that loooong train trip endurable with each other’s companies. We were lucky that we met a local on the train and had a conversation for hours and hours, learned about the places to visit, and had a new friend ☺ I like the open-minded and kind people of Slovakia…

When we arrived at the place where the training would occur, I saw my friends Simona, Raphaël, and Gaspard (they are from Slovakia and France). I felt the joy of seeing familiar faces in a foreign country which is a really special kind of happiness. Moreover, when I met with Amandine and Emir (from France and Turkey) I felt the cheer of meeting new people who are in the same position as me. It is easy to create bonds with the other volunteers cause we are experiencing similar things during our volunteering journey. Also, it was easy to create bonds because of the tasks we were given by our trainers Dean and Martin (they are undoubtedly the coolest trainers I have seen). Walk & talk, making presentations as a team, and racing as teams were helpful to get to know each other a bit more. We shared our progress, the things that we experienced, the things that bothered us, and the things that made us happy during the project so far. Thanks to our trainers, we learned about our options, like what we can do after the ESC volunteering, etc. Furthermore, we had fun with bowling, wellness, table tennis, hiking, snowball fights, and many more activities. But the most magical time for me was hiking to Popradské Pleso. I saw the snow after a long time and I was joyful like a kid! I stayed in Popradské Pleso for four hours, took a lot of pictures, and discovered the lake by myself. I am pretty sure that I was smiling with my mouth open even through the cold weather. I hope to see there once again ☺

I need to say that I am glad to be a volunteer. I love all the good and tricky parts of it as long as I can share them with other people. I am surrounded by nice and kind people and thanks to them, now I am a bit more hopeful about the future…

Text a foto: Ilayda Paran

Ilayda je dobrovoľníčka programu Európsky zbor solidarity na projekte v detskom centre Hlavička. Projekt bol podporený z programu EÚ Európsky zbor solidarity.

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