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What to do in your free time?

Volunteering is the perfect way to help the community, whether in your country or in neighboring countries. Regardless of the field you choose, your contribution will always be very useful. However, it also opens the door to the world. Being able to travel and make new international friends at the same time as doing your bit sounds just great.

My name is Sofía and I am a volunteer in a long-term project. I have been living in Bratislava for about 7 months and I honestly think it is an amazing experience. Volunteering has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from almost all over Europe. But above all I have traveled, I have learned a new culture, a new language, I have tried new flavors, I have done crazy things, I have laughed a lot, I have danced, I have rolled in the snow, I have walked barefoot on a river, I have learned…

However, I have realized that it can not be easy to socialize when you start living in a totally different country. That's why one of the best decisions I made was to join the group of international university students. Every university in Europe has an ESN (Erasmus Student Network) organization. These organizations are responsible for organizing events for Erasmus members such as parties, competitions, international dinners, quizzes, trips, hiking trails, cultural walks ... Without a doubt, it is a great opportunity to socialize. 

It is also very easy to find specific groups on Facebook based on your tastes to meet new people or you can even go out with volunteers from your same organization. Finally, long-term volunteers attend two events organized by the National Agency of each corresponding country (On-Arrival Training and Mid-Term Training), where volunteers from all over the country attend. 

In this way it is concluded that, in reality, it is very easy to socialize and make new friends. You just need to take the step ... Do you dare? :)

Text a foto: Sofia Díaz

Sofia je dobrovoľníčka programu Európsky zbor solidarity na projekte v zariadení Dom Rafael. Projekt bol podporený z programu EÚ Európsky zbor solidarity.

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