About us

Bratislava Volunteer Center

The Bratislava Volunteer Center (BDC) is a civic association founded on 28 November 2012. The volunteer center acts for all those who would like to selflessly help others through volunteering. It is suitable for individuals, but also for organizations. BDC has a lot of volunteering offers to choose from.

Complete service
The Bratislava Volunteer Center (BDC) is like customer service. We offer full scope of volunteering services. In particular, we connect the organizations with volunteers who can help them. We communicate with the potential volunteers and we recommend them to the organizations themselves. We inform the new volunteers about their rights, obligations, ethical principles and ask about their expectations. In addition, we support and appreciate the volunteers for what they do. On the other side, we provide various trainings to organizations on how to treat their volunteers. We also create tailor-made volunteering programs for them.

What exactly do we offer to those interested in volunteering?
We want to motivate as many people as possible to volunteer so that they can spread the word in their surroundings. For example, our center every month organizes a meeting with people interesting in volunteering. After this meeting people who showed an interest in volunteering will know what volunteering is, whether they have enough time for it and what kind of volunteering they fit best. At the same time, they will receive an overview of the current offers where they can help. We also go to schools and talk about volunteering with students, implement our own voluntary programs which directly help children from socially weaker families, seniors, people with disabilities or our nature. We motivate people to volunteer every year, through the Volunteering Week campaign, during the given week many volunteers can help organizations in need. We also organize one-time volunteering events for the benefit of people or the environment. We are also looking for new volunteers through our website, where it is possible to register as volunteer in order to be able to access current volunteering offers. We inform about volunteering options in the companies and any other places where there are people who want to participate in volunteering.

Trust, but check
Any organization that would like to work with volunteers, first will be verified in the center. We need to make sure that they will provide good conditions for the volunteers and will not abuse them. We're checking if there is a volunteer coordinator in the organization. Furthermore, we monitor how the coordinator performs the recruiting, selection, training of the volunteers, how he/she communicates and motivates them, whether he/she respects the rights of the volunteers and how he/she supervises their duties. If necessary, we can offer some of the trainings focused on the management of the volunteers.

Now there's nothing stopping you from volunteering.
BDC Team