About us

Bratislava Volunteer Centre (BVC) is a civic association established on November 28, 2012. BVC was officially opened on Friday, September 13, 2013. From the moment when we started our operation we involve the citizens of Bratislava and Bratislava region in activities for the benefit of the city and people who are in need of help and we teach organisations how to work with volunteers.

We connect organisations and volunteers, we communicate with volunteers and organisations and, we educate and inform them, we appreciate and support volunteers and their coordinators, we create new volunteering programmes, we cooperate with businesses and schools. Bit by bit we are moving the volunteering in Bratislava and Bratislava region to a higher level.

We are a member of The Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organisations.

Our team

Gabriela Podmaková

Executive director, volunteer coordinator and project coordinator

In BVC is Gabika responsible for the coordination of the Week of Volunteering project, Volunteering Fair, European Voluntary Service and Test Yourself for Volunteering project. She is also responsible for the management of the Centre, administration of the website, communication with other voluntary centres in Slovakia and creation and implementation of new projects and programmes. She studied ethnology and non-European studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava and UNY in Indonesia. She is involved in volunteering since Elementary school and she experienced how it can but also does not have to work with volunteers. She worked at the Embassy of Indonesia in Bratislava, for the Office of Slovaks Living Abroad, in the School for Communication and Media and in the PDCS NGO. She is an external collaborator of the Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organisations.

Michaela Bagalová

PR manager

Michaela is in BVC responsible for PR, communication with those interested in volunteering, Volunteering in Schools and Company Volunteering projects. You can meet her also at Meeting with volunteering. She studied mass-media communication in Trnava and during her studies she worked in the regional medias in Trencin and Topolcany. After experiences in public radio she moved to volunteering and into non-governmental sector.

Soňa Tatić

Project coordinator

Soňa is in BVC a contact person for organisations. She activates newly registered organisations and consults their volunteering offers. She is responsible for educational activities of the centre and Som tu pre teba, Čítankovo and Srdce na dlani projects as well. She studied sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University in Bratislava. She started with volunteering in the National Voluntary Centre C.A.R.D.O where she later worked as a project assistant. Consequently, she worked as a project manager in the Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organisations and in BVC where she returned in 2016 after two maternity leaves. Aside volunteering she is for 13 years professionally devoted to dancing.

Lukáš Horvatovič

Project coordinator

In BVC, Lukáš is responsible for coordination of European Voluntary Service. His first experience with volunteering and EVS is from 2013 when he participated in a short-term project in Georgia. In 2017, he went for long-term EVS project to Latvia. Besides this experience, he also volunteered for the initiative Kto pomôže, where he was responsible for screening and training of new volunteers. Lukáš has a degree in Political science from Trnava University and Masaryk University. He also spent 6 months as Erasmus student in Norway at the University of Oslo.

Alžbeta Frimmerová

Consultant, trainer, founder of BVC

Betka studied sociology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Formally she became a volunteer in Voluntary Group Vŕba in 2000, where she was visiting the patients at the Oncological Institute of St. Elisabeth in Bratislava. Later she started with the management of volunteers, educating the managers of volunteers, working on the volunteering development in NGOs and public organisations an on campaigns to promote volunteering in Slovakia. She initiated and worked on the Law on Volunteering. She trains and publishes in the area of volunteers’ management education and about trends in volunteering. She founded BVC together with her colleague from PDCO. Currently she is on maternity leave.

Our many thanks to all the volunteers!

Elisa Defrancisci - EVS volunteer
Zuza Budinská- photographer
Hana Hudák, Milica Schuster, Katka Kolenčíková – graphic designer
Kristína Cichová- EVS mentor
Natália Ulrichová- English translation
Tatiana Mažárová- Slovak language teacher for EVS