Bratislava Volunteer Centre organizes The Volunteer Fair as a part of The Bratislava Week of Volunteering in Stará Tržnica. It is a way of helping not only organizations but volunteers as well. It is designed for organizations which are working with volunteers and want new volunteers but also for people who want to begin with volunteering and don´t know what type of position would suit them best.

Volunteering program "Som tu pre teba" is focused on tutoring and spending time with children from socially underdeveloped families from crisis centre in Bratislava. This program runs individually, one-on-one, throughout the duration of the program.

Bratislava Week of Volunteering

We live in a place that we create. Create with us and get involved in Bratislava Week of Volunteering in September!

Rýchla rota is a volunteer programme for volunteers who do not participate in regular volunteering, but in one-time activities in chosen organizations.

In 2016 we have decided to continue in the tradition of awarding volunteers on a regional level.

The aim of this project is to create teams of young visually handicapped volunteers and volunteers who are not handicapped.

Volunteering offers young people opportunities to increase their competences, space for self-realization and discovering their own potential through specific ideas and projects. This project was completed in the end of 2016.

Live your talent!

V-skills for employment is an online tool through which volunteers can become aware, name, record and demonstrate competences which they gained or developed during their volunteering activities.

The mission of Bratislava Volunteer Centre is uniting those who want to help organization which need help with their everyday activities, as well as teaching organizations how to work with volunteers.

From April to December 2014 we collaborated with The Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organizations on a project focused on inclusive volunteering for young people (under the age of 30) called Volunteering for everyone.

Give yourself to those in need and make someone´s Christmas the best with the BVC campaign through which you can participate in one of Christmas volunteering activities from December 12th 2013 until January 6th 2014. What will you gain from it?

During the Christmas season Bratislava Volunteer Centre wants to support the idea behind volunteering and give the opportunity to dedicate your time to those in need.

On Firday, 13th of September 2013, we officially opened Bratislava Volunteer Centre. Thanks to the “We are looking for organ donors” campaign, we found some new donors. Triad Advertising and iProspect helped us with the design and realisation of the campaign. We are grateful for their help.