Bratislava Weeok of Volunteering

dobrovolnictvo, bratislava, BDC

From 16th-22nd September 2017, we are organising the 3rd year of the Bratislava Week of Volunteering! This year DOBRO will come again and we are already looking forward to what you will come up with and how you will participate :)

Our aim is to create not only one-time volunteer activities but give space to organizations to promote themselves through their activities and the Volunteer Fair. Organizations can present their work and activities in various places and search for volunteers during this week. Those who are interested can come to the Volunteer Fair, which will take place on 16th September 2017 in Stará Tržnica in Bratislava or get involved in volunteer activities and open days in different organizations.

Let´s show everyone that there is a lot of DOBRO in our region!