Christmas volunteering

darujte seba, vianoce, dobrovoľníctvo

Annually you can get involved in activities we prepared for you in cooperation with other organizations.

In 2013, through the campaign called “Give yourself to other and make someone’s Christmas better” you could get involved, from the 12th of December 2013 until the 6th of January 2014, in following Christmas volunteering activities: 

  • Christmas baking with elderly people – HESTIA
  • Christmas holidays spent with elderly people or people who needs help from others – DSS Rača
  • Pre-Christmas carols in hospital – DS Vŕba
  • Christmas sale of chrisdrens books, DVD/CD and hand-made crafts – RC Kramárik
  • Christmas baking – Seniorville
  • Dog walking
  • Feeding and preparing food for dogs – Sloboda zvierat
  • Pen cleaning – Sloboda zvierat



We want to thank all the volunteers for their willingness to help and give themselves during the Christmas season.