Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering is giving time, skills, abilities and knowledge of employees to a community/organization which needs their help.

Volunteer activities and support of volunteering have plenty of benefits for corporations. Some of them are active participation of employees, strengthening social ties, trust and understanding between an employee and an employer. Participating in volunteering will promote the company and its activities because on the one hand volunteers are helping the city and its organizations and on the other, a more pleasant environment is created plus working, interpersonal and intergenerational relationships are supported.

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Volunteering brings a good feeling and energy, increases participation of people and motivation and creates a more positive and productive environment. If you want to show your employees that you really care about them, you can offer this meaningful and inspiring activity to them.

Corporate volunteering with BVC

Are you wondering whether to engage your employees in volunteering? Does your corporation want to help, but you are not sure where to begin? Are you thinking about a one-time activity or long term help for your organization? We will help you with setting up a volunteer programme and directing your help where it is needed. Feel free to contact us.

Bratislava Volunteer Centre helps to develop corporate volunteering in Bratislava and the Bratislava region. If you want to get involved, you can do it in the following ways:

The participation of your colleagues and employers in Bratislava Week of Volunteering as well as participation in Rýchla rota programme is free of charge. Creating and organizing of volunteer day for your company tailored to your needs is a paid service. 

In what kind of activities your employees can participate in

  • manual work – cleaning of parks, forests, gardens; painting of rooms, fences and benches in parks, gardens and playgrounds; helping with reconstruction works on monuments and bunkers; helping with tidying and window cleaning, etc.
  • visits - dedicating your time to those, who will appreciate your presence – seniors, people with disabilities, homeless people, etc.
  • expert volunteering - PR, strategy creating, marketing, graphic design, etc.

Group vounteering brings benefints

  • to your company – it will help your company to step out from the crowd of other companies. It is a way to build a good reputation for yourself and real acknowledgement by the community in which you work. It brings a positive, productive and creative working environment as well as the most loyal and motivated employers. It also contributes to other people from your neighbourhood or any potential employees seeing you in a more positive way.
  • to your employees – it will bring your employees a chance to develop basic skills, strengthen teamwork, communication, the ability of making decisions independently, lead a team, motivate and accept others. It will give them energy, improve their self-awareness and interest in what is going on around them. For employees who will soon be retired, it is an amazing motivation to actively and interestingly use their free time after the end of their employment.
  • to your organization – it will make new resources available and raise awareness about the company's activities and bring new supporters. It will establish the foundation for building a good relationship with a partner in the business sector.

We will be happy if you contact us.

BVC Team