DOBROkarta is a unique form of gratitude to volunteers and coordinators for their time and energy which they devoted to volunteering and to volunteers´ coordination. Thanks to this card they gain benefits from selected partners, GOODWILLbusinesses (DOBROpodnik) in Bratislava and Bratislava region.

Any volunteer who in last 12 months worked for at least 40 volunteering hours as well as the volunteers´ coordinator having this task in his/her work description is entitled to DOBROkarta.

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How to get a DOBROkarta

The card can be requested by the organisation for which the volunteering activity was conducted or where the volunteers´ coordinator works. This organisation has to be registered in the BVC database.

In order to get DOBROkarta it is necessaire:

  • To send a picture in 300 dpi resolution, in PNG or JPG format to the e-mail address info(at) WARNING!!! The picture has to be entitled with full name and surname (including punctuation marks)
  • consent with personal data processing on the letter-head or with a stamp of an organisation (the consent has to contain name, surname, e-mail address and signature of all for who the DOBROkarta is requested)

Consequently, the organisation receives an e-mail with the date and time when the DOBROkarta can be collected in BVC office.

More on DOBROkarta

DOBROkarta is provided FOR FREE. We do not request confirmation on volunteering work of the volunteer. We recommend to organisation to keep records on number of hours volunteer and coordinator had worked for them.

DOBROkarta is non-transferable and is always valid by the end of the calendar year in which it was issued. It is necessary to renew DOBROkarta at the end of the calendar year (by sticking a sticker to it with current year) in the BVC office for the next calendar year. The card is not valid without a valid sticker. If for whatever reason is the card not renewed it is necessaire to return it or discard it.

DOBROkarta is used as any other discount card. It is presented by any purchase in DOBROpodnik business and this is how you receive a discount. List of represented businesses – DOBROpodnik and discounts is available on this site.

How to become a DOBROpodnik businsess

Volunteers perform their volunteering work for free. And this is why we think they deserve a kind of reward. Volunteers´ coordinators also deserve our admiration and reward. Because it is actually them who work with people and motivate those who do something for free. And it is not an easy work!

If you agree with us and you think that volunteers are special people, if you want to motivate them with us further and help to elevate the status of volunteering contact us and become a DOBROpodnik business. Volunteering is appreciated for example here.

And what is there to gain for you? First of all, GODD FEELING. And then new customers and ad on our website for free.