Live your talent!

Live your talent is a common project of Bratislava Volunteer Centre, Centre of Volunteering in Banská Bystrica and Nitra Centre of Volunteering. We have been working with volunteers, communicating with them, seen them changing, moving forward, and gaining benefits through volunteering. Now we want to show other people that volunteering has positive influence on personality development, talent and potential of young people.

What will I learn while volunteering?

Many young people are involved in volunteering activities across Slovakia. Volunteering is a form of non-formal learning which has a direct influence on development of young people and their values, increasing the quality of environment and society in which they live. It gives young people opportunities to increase their competences and prepare for social and professional life. It is a valuable addition to school and family, a path to personal development of young people and social participation of young people.

It give young people space to develop themselves and discover their own potential through particular ideas and projects, get feedback and evaluation of their activities. Young people learn to be responsible and accept critical feedback. It is a way of searching for and discovering talent, a tool to gain and develop skills which increases employment and develop skills needed to deal with competition.

Young people learn new skills, improve their talents, or discover the ones they were not aware of because everyone has a talent regardless of their social background or type of disadvantage.

dobrovoľníctvo, Bratislava

The outcome of the project

The outcome of this project is more than 21 videos and 2 publications in Slovak and English language which document skills and abilities of young people gained through volunteering which was carried out in Slovakia or abroad.

You can watch videos of volunteers and coordinators of volunteers from Bratislava here:

Barbora, 21 years old, Greenpeace Slovakia, volunteering for 5 years

Erika, 30 years old, Bratislava Volunteer Centre, volunteering for 6 months

Kaja, 23 years old, civic association Kararínka, volunteering for 6 years

Veronika, 29 years old, Depaul Slovakia, volunteering for 5 years

Vanda, 23 years old, Centrum Memory, volunteering for 9 months

Karina, 28 years old, Mládež ulice, working with volunteers for 4 years

Ivana, 26 years old, Kaspian, working with volunteers for 5 years

Publications in Slovak and English language, which were written based on study of the project, can be found here:

Volunteering – path towards talent development and potential of young people: publication in Slovak language/ publication in English language

Discovery(ourself) in volunteering: publication in Slovak language/ publication in English languagefileadmin/user_upload/media/dokumenty_na_stiahnutie/objav sa v dobrovolnictve_engl.pdf


Video: Peter Važan

Graphic editing of publications: Hana Hudák/ Milica Schuster

Photo: Lukáš Gál



dobrovoľníctvo, Bratislava

Projekt je financovaný z dotácie Ministerstva školstva, vedy, výskumu a športu Slovenskej republiky.