Rýchla rota

Rýchla rota (Rescue Rangers) is a programme for volunteers who do not conduct regular volunteering activity but they help in one-time events in selected organisation. The aim of the programme is to involve those people into volunteering who want to help but they don’t know how exactly or they are unable to conduct volunteering on a regular basis in one particular organisation. However, they have one thing in common and that is the will to help.

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How does the volunteering programme work

Rýchla rota is a group of people in the Bratislava Volunteer Centre (BVC) database. Those volunteers who agree to participate in the programme are directly addressed via e-mail by the programme coordinator. The coordinator continuously and based on actual needs and offers sends to registered volunteers updated list of offers from organisations in Bratislava region. This mostly concerns big one-time events in the area of environment, culture, sports and social area.

Volunteers apply for the activity based on their own preferences and depending on where they want to help.

Conditions to participate in the programme

The volunteering programme Rýchla rota can be joined by individuals or groups aged between 15 and 99. In case of interest the programme is also open for other age groups.

One of the conditions to participate in the programme is a personal meeting and initial training with the programme coordinator. These meetings are conducted continuously throughout the whole year. One of the conditions is also communication with the coordinator also in cases that the offered activities are not interesting for you.

Basic requirement to volunteers are: to be at least 15 years of age, responsibility towards the programme, interest in volunteering and participation in at least one offered volunteering activity in a year.

In case you would like to participate in the programme you can contact us.

We are looking forward to your participation!


The programme has started in 2000 as a form of “action volunteering” in the volunteer centre Hestia in Prague and thanks to them it has spread all over the Czech Republic. And yes, it is named after a favourite children cartoon series :)

We are looking forward to see you!

BVC Team