Searching for DOBROdruhovia

Hľadáme dobrodruhov, dobrovoľníctvo bratislava, DOBROkarta

The campaign "Searching for DOBROdruhovia" connects several very different worlds – nonprofit organizations and volunteers, with municipality, public institutions and private corporations.

That is why since the 1st of February 2015, both in the streets of Bratislava and on the internet, a new, unusual campaign of Bratislava Volunteer Centre is going to begin. We continue in the popular series of previous campaigns and we keep "Searching for DOBROdruhovia", who are not afraid of new things and are willing to help and experience something surprising and unexpected because volunteering is an adventure.

We know that volunteers do not do their work to get something in return and that is why we want to reward them. We came up with a reward for active volunteers, DOBROkarta. Everybody who volunteers at least 40 hours per year we get a one of a kind DOBROkarta thanks to which volunteers get discounts in various shops and companies in Bratislava.

More about the DOBROkarta and how to get it can be found here.

You can learn more about why and how to become DOBROpodnik here.

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