Regional volunteer awards SRDCE NA DLANI

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“Srdce na dlani” is the awards ceremony of Bratislava Volunteer Centre, whose aim is to raise appreciation of volunteering and its development by:

  • awarding of volunteers (individuals and groups) and their projects for their volunteering activities, which they carry out free of charge for other people in different areas of social life, development, protection of nature, culture, education, etc.
  • awarding of coordinators of volunteers
  • awarding for an extraordinary achievement or different kind of manifestation of solidarity and motivation in helping others 

In 2016 we decided to continue in a tradition of awarding volunteers, which was stopped by SAIA in 2002. Later, civic organization C.A.R.D.O. had taken up awarding again until 2011, when it changed from regional to national. Regional awards “Srdce na dlani” is also organized by Prešov Volunteer Centre, Centre of Volunteering in Banská Bystrica and Nitra Volunteer Centre.

Awarding is taking place on the occasion of the international day of volunteers (5th of December) and international day of coordinators (5th of November) and it consists of following categories:

  • long-term volunteering in an organization
  • volunteering in social area
  • volunteering in health care area
  • volunteering in living environment area
  • volunteering in culture area
  • volunteering in education area
  • volunteer project of the year
  • support of volunteering
  • coordinator of volunteers