Standards of quality in management of volunteers

štandardy kvality práce s dobrovoľníkmi a dobrovoľníčkami, kvalita práce, dobrovoľníctvo, Bratislava

Does your organization have at least one star? No? Then it is time to do something about it. It is the mark of quality that will prove donors, partners and volunteers that it is worth to support and work for your organization. .

Standards of quality in work with volunteers will show us who is working with them on a high level and who needs to work a little bit more.

Try to answer the following questions

  • Do you want to work with volunteers on a high level?
  • Do you want to improve something, but you are not quite sure how?
  • Do you have a way of working with your volunteers?
  • Do you want to be an interesting organization and prove that you are good?
  • Do you want to know how to avoid problems when working with volunteers?
  • Do you want to show donors that you know how to work with volunteers?

If your answer to at least one question was yes, it is the best time to get the mark of quality “We know how to do it with volunteers!”

Quality mark has three degrees

You can get the basic, higher and the highest standard! In order to get the mark of quality it is necessary to verify your way of working with volunteers in the following steps:

  • At first you assess your organization through the following form (to load the form you need to have the latest version of Adobe Reader) and send it to one of the organizations which will serve as an external judge. Detailed information about self-assessment can be found in this manual.

At the moment external assessment is provided by these organizations:

The Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organizations:

Bratislava Volunteer Centre: 

  • External judge will get in touch with you and give/not give you the mark of a certain degree. Process of external assessment lasts approx. 1-3 months depending on whether you have all the materials at disposal which prove that you meet the given standard

Standards are focused on these areas of work with volunteers

  • Coordination of volunteers
  • Legal and ethical frame
  • Financial and material resources for volunteering
  • Integration in team
  • Scope of work and profile of volunteers
  • Recruitment and selection of volunteers
  • Training and preparation of volunteers
  • Communication with volunteers and their support
  • Awards and recognition
  • Register, documentation, assessment of volunteering program
štandardy kvality práce s dobrovoľníkmi a dobrovoľníčkami, manažment dobrovoľníkov, značka kvality, s dobrovoľníkmi to vieme, dobrovoľníctvo

Detailed information about the creation of quality in management of volunteers and basic outputs can be found in this publication.

You can also contact us at

The list of organizations which have already acquired the standard of quality!