V-skills for employment

d-zručnosti pre zamestnanie, dobrovoľníctvo a prax, overovanie zručností

Volunteers will support their assessment with photos, videos, documents or other outputs and outcomes of their volunteering work. Questionnaire will be verified by coordinator of volunteers in the organization where they were volunteering.

Acquired competences will be approved by the committee at Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica and together with The Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organizations they will issue a certificate with those competences.

Volunteers can attach this certificate to their CV or directly mention acquired competences in their CV with their professional or volunteering experiences. Competences verified by the employer will make it easier for him to choose a new employee for their company.

More information on V-skills can be found on www.dzrucnosti.dobrovolnickecentra.sk or in Manual of V-skills.