Volunteer Fair

Bratislava Volunteer Centre organizes the Volunteer Fair as a part of the Bratislava Week of Volunteering in Stará Tržnica. It is a way of helping not only organizations, but volunteers as well. It connects those who want to help with those who need help.

Volunteer Fair will take place on the 16th of September 2017, between 10am and 3pm as a part of Food Market in Stará Tržnica v Bratislave. Don´t miss the opportunity to participate and write it down in your diaries now.

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What can you expect at the VOLUNTEER FAIR?

At Volunteer Fair you will find out what volunteering is, what kind of opportunities are in Bratislava and which organizations are in need and searching for volunteers at the moment. You can learn what it is like to work with children from socially disadvantaged families, breed dogs for people with visual handicap or spend time with retired people.

10am- 3pm Presentation of organizations which are currently searching for volunteers (1st floor)

We can´t wait to see you!

Do you want to participate as an organization?

Great! Any organization which meets the following criteria can participate:

  • you are searching for volunteers
  • you are registered and activated on our website
  • you know how to work with volunteers
  • at least 2 of your employees will be present during the entire Volunteer Fair
  • get registered by the 20th of August 2017


BVC is in charge of the coordination before and during the event.

Price for a place and table: 10 euros (we pay this amount of money as a rent for tables, cleaning of the place and its maintenance)

Size of a table: 2x1 meter

Number of tables: max. 35 tables. In case more organizations will sign up, we will prefer organizations which are registered in BVC database and have been actively searching for volunteers for a longer period of time.

What to do and not to do during the Volunteer Fair: What worked and did not work last year :) Nobody really cared about passive booths with few flyers. On the contrary, the most successful were the ones who showed right there, at the fair, what volunteers can do in their organization. We could bring that to perfection this year, right? Bring something to people that they will come across also in your organization. If you want them to play with children, bring puzzles; if you want people to teach children, do some interesting experiments with them. Let them try it all out :) Do you think it is impossible? It is not. Contact us and we will come up with something :)