Volunteering for everyone

nemaj blbý pocit, dobrovoľníctvo pre všetkých, dobrovoľníctvo

Project is focused on young people up to 30 years old with lack of opportunities: young people with handicap, psychiatric diagnosis, unemployed, young people without basic education, children from foster homes, former delinquents, etc., who do not have many opportunities to get involved in volunteering.

Our main aim is to engage at least 25 young people from Bratislava region with not enough opportunities into short-term and long-term volunteering offers in organizations and communities, where they live and help them improve their competences, confidence and integration.

The other aim is to raise an awareness about volunteering opportunities within the circle of people who do not have opportunities through particular examples of young people and their friends.

The final seminar in the project “Volunteering for everyone”

The brochure where we summarized stories, testimonies and recommendations volunteers, coordinators of volunteers and coordinators of the project can be found here: