Youth Activation- Long Term Conditions (YALTA),) is a project that BVC works on together with the Union of blind and visually handicapped (UNSS) and the Platform of Volunteer Centres and Organizations (PDCO). Its aim is to create teams of volunteers with visual handicap and volunteers without any handicap, who will complete a series of trainings led by ÚNSS, PDCO and student organization for handicapped from Slovenia. After the trainings they will actively participate in particular volunteering activities within the project.

dobrovoľníctvo, Bratislava, BDC

Profile and conditions for volunteers

Age: 18 – 30 years old

Characteristics, abilities and skills:

  • Motivation to participate in civic communities and youth societies in Slovak republic, especially in organizations focused on helping visually handicapped people and their integration
  • Empathy and willingness to give your time to people
  • General knowledge of current affairs
  • Interest in working with visually handicapped youth and their specialists who provide them with provide them with professional health care
  • Free time – possibility of being involved in all the project activities until the end of 2017 

Schedule of planned activities

Volunteers must complete a few trainings focused on peer work, communication with visually handicapped people, creating and managing of projects, group leadership, etc.

These trainings will be implemented in several cycles: 

  • 4 days in March 2016 (trained by youth workers from Slovenian association of handicapped students)
  • 4 days in June 2016 (trained by workers from Union blind and visually handicapped in Slovakia)
  • 4 days in August and September 2016 (trained by workers from Union blind and visually handicapped in Slovakia). Between November 2016 and August 2017 already trained volunteers will be working in tandems together with visually handicapped people and carry out series of workshops/seminars and activities focused on integration of visually handicapped people. 

Benefits for volunteers

  • Participation in an interesting international project
  • Trainings for free
  • Certificate of attendance on educational activity and participation in project organized by a stable and trustworthy non-profit organization offering social services and support to visually handicapped people and/or confirmation of professional experience in case of social work students (which can help them ).
  • Travel expenses, accommodation, food during trainings for free 
dobrovoľníctvo, Bratislava, BDC

Project is sponsored by European Union program.