Consultations on volunteer management

The consultations are for organizations that already work with volunteers or plan to involve them in their activities but are not sure of the correct course of action or in case they have discovered a problem or gap between their plan and execution. We recommend consultations in case you are considering changes, introducing a new idea or just need to validate the efficiency of your procedures.

Topics of discussions related to the volunteering program

  • Preparation and planning of the volunteering program activities
  • Preparation of volunteering program manual
  • Recruitment and selection of volunteers
  • Training of volunteers
  • Communication with volunteers
  • Motivating the volunteers
  • Termination of cooperation with volunteers
  • Recognition of skills acquired by volunteering
  • Administration when working with volunteers
  • Evaluation of volunteers
  • Evaluation of the volunteering program
  • Other topics of interest to you in the context of coordinating volunteers

The consultation lasts not more than one hour. It can take place in person (only if the measures against covid-19 allow), online (by phone or via zoom) or in writing (by email). We provide consultations free of charge within the framework of the AFC Slovakia Program.

We would be happy if you contact us via email at:

We are looking forward to our future cooperation!
Team BDC

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