How you can help us

Since the beginning we engaged the citizens of Bratislava and Bratislava region in our activities to benefit the city and its people who need it. Furthermore we teach organizations how to work with volunteers and connect organizations with volunteers. We communicate with them, educate and inform them as well as reward and support volunteers and their coordinators. We also create new volunteer programmes and cooperate with schools. We always try to move volunteering in this region to a higher level.

Bratislava Volunteer Centre is a non-profit organisation. The registration of volunteers and organizations is free of charge. Other services such as consultations for organizations, education and searching for volunteers and participation in volunteer events are also free of charge. Donations, which you give us is assigned for the administration, external and special services, high quality instructors, support and maintenance of high quality volunteer programmes and the support of volunteers.

We are happy that you want to dedicate your time to those who need it. In order to see all of our volunteer offers for foreigners, click here.  If you want to know more about volunteering and where you can help, let us know- contact us at eds(zavinac) 

Thanks to your help we will be able to spread joy among our volunteers in the Bratislava region. It is very simple: you can support us once or you can become our regular donor. Thanks to your support, we will provide for example…

The process slightly varies depending on whether you are a natural person (an employee or a person doing the tax declaration) or a legal person. We will tell you how to do it.

You can place your logo on our website as an advertisement to help us financially. We will give you an invoice and your company can subtract this amount of money from their tax base. More info on 0918 648 175 or at ahoj(zavinac)

We are still looking for professionals, individuals or companies from different backgrounds which will help us with our work and offer their skills on behalf of BVC for free: for example accountants, graphic designers, PR managers, fundraisers, lecturers, Slovak teachers, English teachers, etc. Please contact us!

By adopting a project you will support the idea and development of volunteering as such (e.g., educational project Second Wednesday, Evening school, Volunteering in Schools, Date with Volunteering, Bratislava Week of Volunteering, Volunteer Fair, volunteer programme Som tu pre teba or Rýchla rota, awarding project for volunteers Srdce na dlani, etc.). Contacts us!