10 reasons that prevent Slovaks from volunteering

Lack of time. That is maybe the first reason that we have in mind. However, in our survey this reason was only on the third place. There are more simple reasons that prevent us from a selfless help to others.

1. Help was not requested

More than one third of Slovaks said that they do not participate in volunteering because they were simply not asked to help. Let’s not be scared to ask for help. We never know who is ready to help in his/her community. We could be pleasantly surprised.

2. Lack of information on how to participate in volunteering

Although in recent years the education and knowledge about volunteering has improved it is still not as it should be. If you are a volunteer talk about it in your community and if possible motivate others to help. Or visit our website. Aside from getting more information on volunteering you can also register yourself there and every day you will see new volunteering offers in Bratislava region. In other regions you have to contact local voluntary centres. The full list of voluntary centres in Slovakia is available here.

3. Lack of time

This is the third most common answer why Slovaks do not volunteer. You have to go on full speed in your work and often you come home late in the evening after devoting some time also to your hobbies. After such a long day we are happy that we do not have to do anything and we can only rest. But sometimes all it takes is to say NO to things that do not fulfil us and to better organize our time.

4. Health issues

It is difficult to help others when we ourselves don’t feel very well. It is however possible, under certain conditions to participate in volunteering with some sorts of health issues or health constraints. Number of organisations is very well prepared to welcome volunteers with health constraints. Furthermore, it can be proved that volunteering improves one´s health of course if the condition could be improved.

5. Inability to take on long term commitment

While volunteering it is clear that if we agree with an organisation that we are going to help we are obliged to fulfil the set tasks. Some of the volunteering activities require regularity, e.g. kids´ tutoring each week on the set day. Many people are discouraged by this as they are not able to promise the set date. There is however number of one-time volunteering activities where you can help and some of them can be done from home.

6. Feeling that the help is not needed

Sometimes it seems to us that our help is not needed. However, it is not the case. Maybe it is necessaire to look at the right places or to be more active in the searching process. If we don’t find any volunteering offer right now it doesn’t mean that we won’t find it in a month or a year. Let’s not be discouraged.

7. Indifference

Each person sees the purpose of his or her life in something else. Somebody devotes his/her time to the hobbies they have, someone is dedicated to his/her carrier or family and is not interested in volunteering. Or he/she didn’t find and interesting volunteering offer, yet.

8. Difficult situation in work/family

We should be realistic. If we have two children at home, we work 10 hours per day and are paying a mortgage most probably we won’t have time to help other people. And that’s ok too. We shouldn’t volunteer and neglect our family or work at the same time. We also shouldn’t try to solve our personal problem by volunteering. With volunteering we can start anytime. Even as a pensioner.

9. We prefer to donate money

Money rules the world. If we want to admit it or not that’s the case. Without money most of the NGOs wouldn’t be set up and wouldn’t be able to operate. For example we wouldn’t be able to find qualified volunteers´ coordinator and consequently he/she wouldn’t be able to find, train and motivate good volunteers who help those who are in need of help. That’s why each NGO appreciates its donors and tries to find as many of them as it could. If you are not a person who wants to work on the ground you can support good things by donating money. If you prefer to donate you can click here. Donating is however not volunteering.

10. Interview and the possibility of rejection

Lot of people are discouraged from volunteering by an interview which has to be conducted when a volunteer is interested in certain work. Similarly, to the job interview final decision is taken by the organisation Meeting with the volunteers´ coordinators is however beneficial to both sides. The aim of the interview is to find out whether we are suitable for the job with a particular target group. This is how not only the client but also, we are protected. Maybe the volunteers´ coordinator will offer us a more suitable position.

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BDC Team

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