AkSen is an organization founded seven years ago which offers activities for 50 year old people and those who are older. The clients are mostly workers and retired seniors and AkSen is working in five cities all around Slovakia. AkSen does not have a stable place for carrying out activities so this is why sometimes they take place every two weeks but sometimes it can also last two month between the first and second activity – mostly in family centres or similar facilities.

Activities can be physically like doing yoga or playing table tennis, educationally like learning languages or exercising the brain and memory or activities like going hiking in nature. AkSen is open to any further proposal to carry out like a special activity. They already had Alzheimer conferences and visited a retirement home for instance.

So if you by now decided to volunteer for Aksen you can read through the volunteer offers below!

Current volunteering positions:

Language teacher:
AkSen is looking for volunteers who would realize an activity in the form of a language lecture – English, German - for 1 hour per week in Bratislava. They are looking forward to hear from you!

Benefits – Volunteering for AkSen can have a real and valuable positive affect on elder people to stay active. Also you can have a great time with them and make new friends.

Contact details:

Silvia Valovičová
Regional coordinator AkSen - active seniors
Tel.: 0907 353 886

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