Baška started volunteering at the age of 15 when she had a lot of free time and a desire to meet new people. She was introduced to volunteering through her friend and then through the internet. As a volunteer for Greenpeace Slovakia she is involved in activities such as providing information at information booths, creating positive atmosphere, helping at the office – painting of banners, cutting out stickers and researching. She was also a lecturer at a non-formal education project Amnesty International in schools and she tried organizing a small festival in Bulgaria as a part of an international project European Voluntary Service where she was shooting films, creating posters and promoting festival in schools.

The best part of being volunteer for Baška is forming a new friendships and moments she will never forget, and the feeling that she is capable of changing the world around her. She improved her communication skills, gained a new perspective on the issues and broadened her circle of acquaintances. She experienced a lot of fun, met new friends, travelled abroad, learnt something new and was inspired by experience of other people.

Because of her volunteering activities she got a job as a tutor at a primary school, but she is still volunteering in her free time.

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