Busy people can be volunteers too

Number of people is looking for a deeper sense in today’s busy life. If you belong to them join the volunteering programme Rýchla rota. You can help fast and when you have time.

For those who would like to help but don’t have much time we prepared the volunteering programme Rýchla rota. It was created also based on the request from organisations with which we work. It happened very often that they needed volunteers in the last minute when they found out that they don’t have enough support for their events. Rýchla rota is also for those who don’t know in which area they would like to help but they want to offer their free time to others.

What can you do within the Rýchla rota project?

Rýchla rota offers a chance to be part of interesting one-time activities in various areas of life. We are addressed by organisations who work in the area of culture, sports, social area, environment or education. Possibilities are numerous. To find out what could be your area of interest within volunteering you can take the VOLUNTEERING TEST.

How to become a member?

One of the conditions to become a member of volunteering programme is personal meeting with programme coordinator. She will train you during the initial meeting and she will explain you how the programme will work. Then she will be regularly sending you volunteering offers. You can participate based on your interest and consideration. The main condition of the programme is to participate at least once throughout the season (approx. from March to October) and communication with the coordinator also when you are not interested in the particular volunteering offer.

Recruitment of volunteers for Rýchla rota programme

This month we decided to devote our regular monthly Meeting with Volunteering to the Rýchla rota programme. If you are interested in this “fast” possibility of volunteering you can come to community centre Kalab (Zámocká 5, Bratislava) on March 22, 2018 at 5.00 pm and you will learn all necessaire information.

P.S.: If the title Rýchla rota sound familiar, YES, it is named after the cartoon series Rýchla rota (Rescue Rangers) in which Chip and Dale, Gadget, Monty and Zipper appeared always there where it was needed – like our volunteers

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