Does GODWILL still exist in Slovakia?

Corruption, homicides, attacks or accidents. This is the picture of the current world tabloids usually show us. It is thus not surprising that people have a negative view about life. Did we really run out of GOODWILL in Slovakia? Do not believe it. There still is GOODWILL in Slovakia, it came last year and it will come this year, too. It will fully show in the middle of September when the Week of Volunteering 2017 starts. In respective regions of Slovakia people become volunteers and they will be able to help to particular organisations which need it. Really everyone can help. All it takes is to choose from the offer of volunteering activities.

Magic number 1111

This is the exact number of people who joined the Bratislava week of Volunteering last year. They helped where it was needed and the great results could be seen in whole Bratislava region. Together they worked for an amazing 2, 878 hours free of charge. They painted the benches, they drew fairy tale characters on the walls of centres for children. They were cleaning Petrzalka neighbourhood. During their Open House activities people could see how respective NGOs work. Or to go to the Volunteering Fair where respective NGOs had presentation about their activities. After completing all these wonderful activities all met at the GOODWILL party.

Let’s go beyond the magic threshold

Let’s show that there is enough GOODWILL in Bratislava region and join the Bratislava Week of Volunteering 2017 which will take place between September 16 and September 22. Whether you are an individual, school or company the doors into the volunteering world are open to everyone. The same goes for NGOs or civic organisations if they need help or they want to promote their activities. Volunteers, schools and companies can write to lucia(at)dobrovolnictvoba.sk , organisations can write to sona(at)dobrovolnictvoba.sk. Don’t be desperate if you don’t have time for the prepared activities. You can also become our PARTNER for the campaign and support us for example financially. All it takes is to click here. Or you can write to info(at)dobrovolnictvoba.sk.

Programme will follow soon

Since the registration of organisations and volunteers was already launched the programme of the Bratislava Week of Volunteering will be continually updated. You can follow it on our website. You can then find a volunteering offer which will be most suitable for you. The Week of Volunteering will take place throughout the whole Slovakia the same week. You can contact your local volunteering centre in this regard. You can find the list here www.tyzdendobrovolnictva.sk.

If you want to support the Bratislava Week of Volunteering financially click here.

We are looking forward to see you.

BDC Team



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