Dom Quo Vadis


Dom Quo Vadis was built by the Catholic Church and volunteers and is being kept up by volunteers and 2 employee's supported by Church. Around 40 volunteers, most of them are young adults and some students, volunteer for DQV regularly.

Dom Quo Vadis is more than only a meeting point. People come here to read a good book (don't worry; you will have a choice of approximately 3000 books), to chat to friends or new people, to play games you can borrow from DQV, to go through the gallery exhibition which at the moment offers ceramic art showing visions of praying but with a modern touch (gallery changes monthly) while having a good cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate.

But there are so many more activities going on in Dom Quo Vadis. They also provide space for social, political, philosophic or religious discussions and host music groups. In addition to that free dancing lessons from time to time are offered or if you prefer to get information about a certain country; no problem, there are travel evenings every month! Downstairs there also are calmer places for people who want to relax or study for school/university.

DQV also has lecture room with a capacity of 90 people and 2 rooms for meeting or workshops. Lecture room is for public event but also for NGO's gatherings. Approximately 20 groups of different kind of peole (from teenage to seniors) gather in 2 rooms downstairs weekly. Furthermore the facility occupies two psychologists who have their own council space.

Dom Quo Vadis's staff would like to make DQV as a spiritual heart of the city centre of Bratislava. All ethnic groups, religious beliefs or political opinions in good will are welcome as long as tolerance and respect are being practised by the visitors. DQV is an institution which wants to prove that catholic values and the church are more than strict rules and praying; as most of the content is being represented in the DQV programme (like lectures about saints etc.). Nevertheless the organization cooperates with a priest who helps wherever help is needed. For the very inside volunteers' community there are team-building offers such as skiing or hiking trips. DQV also hosts EVS volunteers from foreign countries, whose are part of team. You won't find prices on the menu which means that the staff trusts the customer to give an amount of money he or she thinks is fair.

So this is why more than 1000 visitors enjoy the services of Dom Quo Vadis monthly. As you might have noticed DQV is like a balloon filled up with surprise eggs: Once you think you discovered everything you are just about to discover a new surprise.


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Monika Hricakova 

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