Dom Quo Vadis

Dom Quo Vadis would like to become the spiritual heart of the city centre of Bratislava and show that God might just be closer to his children than you initially thought. All ethnic groups, religious beliefs or political opinions in good will are welcome as long as they are tolerant, respectful and open-minded. Dom Quo Vadis is an institution which wants to prove that catholic values and the church are more than strict rules and praying; the only things that are not welcome are prejudices.

The house was built by the Catholic Church and volunteers and is being run by volunteers and 2 full time employees supported by the Bratislava catholic archdiocese. Around 40 volunteers, most of them are young adults and some students, volunteer for Dom Quo Vadis regularly.

In Dom Qou Vadis one of the main visitor-magnets is the café on the ground floor. Run by volunteers it offers a hot-chocolate that could already count as a local treasure (it was recommended to me even before I had seen old town when I arrived), coffee and tea for a fair price which every visitor is able to calculate for themselves.

The house owns a large meeting room for about 80 people, which they also open to NGO's and city events. They also provide space for social, political, philosophic or religious discussions and host music groups. In addition to that free dance lessons from time to time are offered as well as travel evenings and bible group meetings. The gallery space offers a new exhibition every month in which you can enjoy paintings or sculptures. In the end of each month Dom Quo Vadis hosts a charity market fair which proceeds are being fully donated. Downstairs there also are calmer places for people who want to relax or study, read one of the numberless books the house offers or have a chat with a group of friends.


Current volunteer offers:

Art Workshop Leader

If you are a little bit experienced in any type of art or craft and you would like to share it with other people from Bratislava you will be welcome to do so in an either one-time-activity or regular workshops. Many things should be possible, just check what you would like to share and together you can find a way. There is also the possibility to offer something about your cultural background, like typical food, crafts, dances or music.

Cafeteria Volunteer:

The cafeteria of Dom Quo Vadis is proud to serve every visitor who enters the house and would be happy to receive a hand from you. You would prepare drinks behind the counter for the guests and clean up the table after them. This is a great way to meet new people and become a part of a big volunteer team in the heart of Bratislava. Any needed training will be provided, the minimum volunteering hours for this position are 2 hours per week in the afternoon/evening.

Cleaning Volunteer:

Dom Quo Vadis would be very happy to receive your help by cleaning the house. Since the guests would like to enter a tidy and cosy space every day the house needs to be cleaned every day before 3.00 p.m. If you don't mind a little cleaning in the morning you will be more than welcome to join the team.

Marketing sepcialist / Graphic designer / Video Maker:

The team of Dom Quo Vadis could use your knowledge in marketing, graphic design, video editing or promotion to promote their activities - as you probably read above they have quite a lot of things going on all the time.

Organizational Helper:

Dom Quo Vadis has lots and lots of activities going on throughout the year, and they would be happy to have some help with the coordination and process of them. If you are interested in the work behind the scenes of a community event and the involvement in a large team of volunteers you will be welcome to join Dom Quo Vadis in this position.


Contact details:

Monika Hricakova

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