Erika wanted to give her time selflessly. That is the reason why she attended Blind Date with Volunteering which is organized by the Bratislava Volunteer Centre every month. This way she got the opportunity to tutor a French EVS volunteer from BVC. Erika has been volunteering since May 2015, but she has moved onto something else. Through the BVC website she found the Organization for Muscular Dystrophy where she regularly assists disabled people with the game called boccia, communicates with them, sets up the playing field and equipment, or takes clients of OMD outside. Erika also helped with preparations for a tournament.

Volunteering enabled Erika to meet people with same interests and attitude toward life. She has learnt to be patient, empathetic, and how to work with different types of people. While working with disabled people she realised that these people have a lot more appetite for life, positive outlook on world and they has become an inspiration for her.

Erika is motivated by the good feeling that she gave her time to those who need it and appreciate it. It is also a creative process which forces people to think about their selves and their abilities. It helps every individual to search for him/herself and what he/she wants to do in life.

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