Has already someone open his heart to you?

Everyone needs someone who can help him in difficult situations whatever it is. It is a great feeling. Help us to find people who help others voluntarily and selflessly. We want to award them.

Bratislava Volunteer Centre wants also this year award volunteers or volunteers´ coordinators who decided to devote their time to a meaningful activity throughout the whole year in Bratislava region. Srdce na dlani award should enhance the status of volunteering and its development. We want to show that volunteering makes sense not only to those who are helped but also to volunteers themselves. Results of their help are influencing everyone around. To be able to award the right persons we need you and your nomination.

How to nominate a volunteer

You can give suggestions for a volunteer to be awarded via electronic form by November 17, 2017. He/she however has to fulfil number of conditions:

  1. Volunteering has to be conducted in Bratislava region as well as the organisation for which he/she works has to have its seat in this region.
  2. Volunteer is a person who is volunteering in his/her free time, free of charge for the benefit of others in various areas of social life, community development, environment protection, culture, upbringing and education.
  3. Long-term volunteering to the organisation means that the volunteer helps at least 3 years.
  4. Volunteers´ coordinator is a person who coordinates volunteers for at least 2 years and there is a relevant proof to that.

The whole statute of the awarding procedure can be seen here here

In which areas volunteers can be nominated?

The award Srdce na dlani is granted in the following categories:

  • Long-term volunteering to an organisation
  • Volunteering in social area
  • Volunteering in the area of health care
  • Volunteering for the benefit of environment
  • Volunteering in the area of culture
  • Volunteering in the area of education
  • Project of the year in volunteering
  • Support to volunteering
  • Volunteers´ coordinator 

Who selects the winners?

A five members committee consisting of representatives of organisations working with BVC decides on the winners.

When is the Srdce na dlani award awarded?

It is awarded on the occasion of the International volunteer’s day (December 5) and International Day of Volunteers´ Coordinators (November 5). The gala award ceremony will take place on December 7.

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