Historia Posoniensis

Historia Posoniensis is an NGO creating a huge online MEMORY-platform called www.PamMap.sk. At the present time they collect historical materials and memories of witnesses to the historical  Bratislava, but they are starting also with Košice and the platform is applicable to any city or village. So what is in this platform? The answer is: Literally everything. From old postcards, audio devices, pictures and photographs to items, maps and other digitalizable documents. The portal of Bratislava is available in Slovak, but main informations also in German, Hungarian and English as this city has always been multilinguistic.

The project works like the memory of the town. The information collected by Historia Posoniensis mainly focuses on the people: How they looked like (thanks to old photos), What destinies they had (thanks to old documents or/and recording of memories), how do they remember what was going on in the past? At the moment there are 4000 units in total in the collection of saved treasures, but the number is increasing nearly every month. Visitors of the webpage are able to see not only the digitised sources but also short encyclopaedic articles about phaenomenons from historical Bratislava (Košice...), but can also overlay a modern and several historical city maps. Furthermore, the originator can be contacted for more information about a specific piece of exhibition.

Historia Posoniensis aims to show the roots and the different destinies of the once very multicultural inhabitants of the city.Therefore it collects and exhibits information they receive from many people willing to share their history. HISTORY becomes ALIVE here.  


Current volunteer offers:

Scanning of historical documents and photos: Historia Posoniensis luckily receives a lot of historical photos, documents and post cards to scan and add to the database. They would be happy if you could spare a little time occasionally and help them to scan a couple more treasures from the past.

Write summaries of literature about the historical Bratislava: Because Historia Posoniensis likes to also add historical facts and research to the database they could use your help by summarizing different texts about the historical city of Bratislava. The summaries will then be added to the website to give the visitors an even better impression of the life this city has been holding for many decades. Bookworms are welcome!

Video editor: Historia Posoniensis tries to interview as many of the elderly people who remember the city as it was decades ago as they can, to save their memories for the future. Usually the interviews are collected on video in German or Slovak. Afterwards the organization could use some help by cutting the videos and adding subtitles, so German-speaking volunteers would be preferable here. This is a great opportunity to get in touch with the historical Bratislava and the stories its citizen can still tell.

Contact details:
Juraj Šedivý
+421 918 322 967

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