How to get up motivated and manage your time

Part of my project here in Bratislava is to give workshops to other EVS volunteers. Which is absolutely great and which was one reason why I decided on this project.

Nine people took part and I asked them what are you interested in. So it happened that they were more interested in “How to get up motivated and in a good mood” instead of “how to manage my time”. For me both works together. It is about your behavior, your attitude, your mind set and it is helpful for everyone.

So I prepared topics that will go hand in hand:

  • Sleep duration
  • Morning routine and which morning types exist
  • Procrastination
  • Pomodoro
  • Scheduling and helping tools like calendars
  • Daily to-do sheet
  • Motivation 

The feedback I got was great and the people definitely felt more motivated after the workshop. I also suggested the volunteers change the sound of their alarm clock, because there can be nothing more annoying in the morning than a sound like a honking car that rips you out of your dreams.

I really enjoyed giving this workshop. It was a great opportunity and one reason why I really like my project. I have done similar things in Germany (where I come from) but it is a difference to do everything in English and to offer this workshop to people that really would like to come. So It is a big benefit for me, as well as for the participants. I learned a lot about myself, about offering this workshops. I learned how to use google forms and with different tools. I am very happy about this day and how could such a great day end. With a nice evening with the EVS Volunteers of my Workshop in Slovak Pub.

Foto: Timea Levai Majin

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