Karin works as a social worker with children and teenagers in low threshold club and a coordinator of volunteers and trainees. In the organization she is coordinating the entire volunteer section from the recruitment and education of volunteers to the communication with the public and other organizations. The main focus of her work is on social work with children and teenagers. Volunteers spend their free time with these clients and they do some activities together. Often these volunteers have professional education in this field and they gain some benefits from their voluntary work. In the field of microvolunteering, they mostly help with technologies, translations, etc.

According to Karin, people are motivated to participate in non-paid activities because they want to belong to a certain community, develop new skills, meet new people, or have fun. Volunteering can be a great way to discover a new talent and it offers space for further development. It is one of those means through which a person can try different types of activities and figure out what he/she likes and what he/she wants to become better at. It can also help them to get a job. Young people begin to realise that thanks to volunteering, they can gain new skills which can be useful to get or in some job positions.

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