KASPIAN's services can be described as social free time work and are subdivided into two parts.

The first part is the club, a colourful building in Furdekova 6a. This is a meeting place for after school activities such as playing table tennis or card games, singing and talking to each other. I couldn't possibly name all of the stuff going on in that club, there are just too many options!The club is opened On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2-6PM and mostly children and teenagers aged 7-20 years go there.

The second part is street work. The team consists of 2 workers who act in the local skate park. They go there in order to talk about typical teenage problems or issues like relationships or school and try to keep them away from negative influences. The fact that this takes place in the environment of the youngsters means that they have to adapt to their surroundings and respect their wants and needs.

The clients of KASPIAN enter and benefit from the services on their own will. They do not have to bring anything with them but basic human values such as respect and tolerance in order to participate. This programme is called low threshold programme. Often the children are confronted with difficult circumstances at home so this is another reason why to join KASPIAN.

All of the staff members are educated in some psychological or pedagogical way so there definitely is nothing to worry about and good advice. 20 volunteers work for KASPIAN regularly; 2 EVS volunteers are among them, at the moment they are Oscar from Spain and Katerina from Greece. The main goal of KASPIAN is to prepare the clients to lead and guide themselves through their own life and not to be dependant on outside help.

Of course it can get pretty stressful when there are 26 people in the club at the same time, so KASPIAN is always glad for new volunteers signing up.

Current volunteering positions:

Club volunteer:
In the KASPIAN club building there is always a lot of stuff going on. The team would be happy to have volunteers who like to spend time with the children and teenagers in the center, play games and talk with them and organize activities. Basic Slovak would be needed, besides that you should only bring an open heart and mind and enthusiasm for the youngsters.

Graphic designer:
KASPIAN could use your help in designing their website, posters for their activites and their annual report. If you have some basic graphic design skill you will be more than welcome to work in their team.

Photographer and/or video maker:
Since there is always something going on in KASPIAN there are many events to be documented and recorded. If you enjoy photography and/or video editing you will be welcomed happily in the team. This is also a great way to participate in the events for the youngsters and to show them that they are important.

KASPIAN is looking for a volunteer who can translate their English manual into Greek, because they often work with Greek volunteer who could use the manuals in their native language.

Contact details:
Ivana Jurkovičová
+421 910 971 887 

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