Let’s help there where it is needed

Devoting your time to those who need it. This is the motive of those Slovaks who decide to volunteer. They mostly help to children, seniors and to handicapped people. They also care about the environment. Still more and more people volunteer in Slovakia. According to the last survey they represent as much as 27,5% of the total population. And it is a very good number.

Social services

Almost one quarter of volunteers work in social services. Most often they organise activities, events or campaigns for selected group of people. Volunteers like to participate in leisure time activities for children and youth or seniors or they help and spend some time with handicapped people. The reason to help in this area is on one hand desire to help others. On the other side stand organisations which need their help and who look for volunteers to assist them in their activities also via volunteering centres. 

Areas of work of organisations where volunteers help:

  • Social services 23,1%
  • Environment 14,6%
  • Art and culture 12,3%
  • Sports 10,8%
  • Religion and religious activities 10,4%
  • Children and youth organisations 10,1%
  • Support to goodwill, donation and volunteering 9,3%
  • Education and research 7%
  • Prevention and help in cases of humanitarian and natural disasters 6%
  • Health 4,9%
  • Occupational organisations, chambers associations and trade unions 4,5%
  • Development of community and housing 4,5%
  • Politics 4,1%
  • Defending of interests 2,6%
  • Others 1,9%
  • Leisure and hobbies 1,5%
  • International organisations 0,4%

Areas where volunteers mostly help (Publication Volunteering – when help is a pleasure and entertainment helps, 2011) 

Our Mother Earth

Interest of volunteers in environment strongly influences the possibility to actively participate in help in this area. Enviro campaigns and advocacy activities of various organisations in Slovakia contribute to the state of our nature and environment around us. Volunteering in the area of environment is picked by more than 14,5% of people. This mostly concerns the protection and reconstruction or preservation of environment and beautification of surrounding and also animals´ care.

Activities within formal volunteering:

  • Organisation of activities, events, campaigns 25,7%
  • Organisation of leisure activities for children, youth, seniors 25,3%
  • Environment protection and animals´ care 19%
  • Fundraising, addressing of donors, money collecting activities 13,4%
  • Honorary member of committee, advise, coach, referee 13,4%
  • Work in administration or office 12,3%
  • Service and reparation of buildings and cultural landmarks 11,9%
  • Accompanying and visiting people 11,6%
  • First aid, firefighter volunteering, search and rescue activities 10,8%
  • Transport, hauling/delivery of material, persons, food 10,1%
  • Tutoring, organisation of trainings and educational activities 7,5%
  • Interpretation and translation 6,7%
  • Preparation and administration of website, Facebook, internet search of information 6,3%
  • Participation – free of charge participation in public decision making of public problems, interests and policy making 6%
  • Counselling (social, psychological, legal), information provision 5,6 %
  • Graphics, e.g. promotional materials preparation, invitations annual reports 5,6%
  • Media and public relations 4,1%
  • Other different form of assistance 3,4%
  • Advocacy, defending the interests of certain group pf people 1,5%

Activities which are mostly picked by volunteers (Publication Volunteering – when help is a pleasure and entertainment helps, 2011) 

Art and culture

Another big group of volunteers is engaging in the area of art and culture. This mostly concerns assistance in cultural events organisation and preparation, fundraising and promotion of events. Lately we can also see volunteering offers directly in cultural institutions such as museums, galleries or theatres. Up to 12,3% of volunteers work in the area of art and culture.

The area of sports, religion and religious activities or help in youth organisation is also interesting for volunteers.

All it takes is only to choose

You can help voluntarily and selflessly in many places. If you don’t know where to start you can address your local voluntary centre. If you are from Bratislava region you can visit our website. We can advise you which volunteering activity could be most suitable for you and provide you with current offers. It is not important in which area you want to help. It is important that you decided to spread GOODWILL together with us.

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We are happy to help you!
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