MC Budatko

Since May 2007 MC Budatko's team is working on its mission to offer a place in Petrzalka which enables mothers on maternity leave to escape social isolation and find new contacts. They are also informed about new working opportunities after their maternity leave while their children are enjoying the services of MC Budatko.

One of their most popular courses is the Swiss ball workout targeting the youngest children aged 6 months onwards. In Budatko a language course is run for children aged 1.5 years and for nursery children there is another course available in the afternoon. They also offer a music workout class in English. For keen little dancers there is the Dance and stomp your little feet class which includes activities such as dancing, singing and nursery rhymes. Little musicians class focuses on getting children familiar with various musical instruments. The latest additions to their courses are Physical Conditioning for Children and Adults , Baby Massage and a First Aid Course . 

To give the mums some time apart from their children and together with other parents there are two adult evening courses: Crochet and knitting and Decoupage – a paper napkin technique. Courses such as Pregnancy exercise and Birth preparation are planned as well.

Apart from the courses you can take part in their regular and irregular activities. The creative and skilful mums help children draw, paint, cut, glue or play with play-doh. Once a month there is a game or event for all of the children. During the summer months when the Mother and Child centre Budatko is closed, only outdoor activities for children and their parents are available. Every year they co-operate with the Union of mother centres on a project called "A mile for mum". In spring and autumn they also organise a Second hand market for maternity and baby clothes.

All activities are run by 25-30 volunteers. They are skilful mums that devote almost all of their free time to Budatko, but they enjoy doing it because of the children. Opening times are from the middle of September until December 16th and from January 16th until June 30th . They are opened throughout 5 days a week from 9:30AM until 11:30AM and from 04:00PM until 06:00PM (Monday-Thursday only).


Current volunteering offers:

Cleaning volunteer:
MC Budatko is looking for volunteers who can help them with cleaning during their closing hours. You will be doing the hovering plus cleaning the kitchen, toilet, sink, bathtub etc. – either on a regular basis or as arranged with the coordinator. It is also possible to cover only one part of the cleaning (e.g. hovering). Cleaning products are given by MC Budatko. You can only clean during closure, so either 7.00-9.00AM or 12.00-04.00PM. In case you have children who you would need to take to the volunteering there is not going to be any problem, they can play in the playroom while you help out. If you have time and are willing to help keeping the family center nice and clean, MC Budatko will be very happy about you.

Language teacher:
If you are fluent in English or German and you like to teach and share your language MC Budatko will be happy to have you as a language teacher. This activity focuses on the mums in the center and can also be done as a discussion group or conversation class if you like.

Playroom observation:
Have you always liked to play with children? At MC Budatko you have the volunteering opportunity to observe the playroom with the children together with an experienced volunteer speaking English or German. You can do it once per week or as arranged with the coordinator. You can choose daily between the following two time slots: 9.30-11.30AM or 4-6PM.

Any new activity:
Feel free to suggest a complete different offer which will be discussed by the staff members. Everything which might be interesting for children and mothers is highly welcomed!

Contact person:
Maria Vlckova
Tel.: 0903 321 934.

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