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Mladi Info informs young people about different educational opportunities around them such as trainings, volunteer opportunities, semesters abroad and more. On their website and especially through social media like Facebook (easier to reach out to the clients as they are aged between 16 and 30/35 years old) or by taking part in events such as fairs they promote their mission.

Furthermore Mladi info is very active in European Voluntary Service issues: So far they have sent more than 170 people abroad, hosted and are still hosting volunteers and they also work as a coordinating organization for EVS volunteers.

Local volunteers are mostly students who volunteer throughout one academic year. They are not free to switch between the topics but have to choose one where they would like to be working in.


Current volunteer offers:

Help with event organization:
If Mladi Info has an event with a specific topic that is in your field of work or knowledge, you can be Mladi Info's guest and have a speech or discussion on the topic.Since they always have a lot of activities going on they will be happy about your help!

Video editing workshop:
Do you enjoy filming and photography? Then you might just be the person Mladi info is looking for! You could help and create a small workshop where young people from Bratislava could learn how to create and edit videos.

One time volunteering: Promotion of the European Voluntary Service
Occasionally Maldi inof is hosting fairs or events where they could use the help of someone who would like to inform young people from Slovakia about the opportunities the European Voluntary Service gives them. You could also present your country and city for those who would like to go abroad, and if possible even mention some projects in their home country. If you like to speak in front of others and to inform them about all the opportunities they have in their future to enrichen their lives, this might be the right offer for you.

Contact details:

Tatiana Mrugová
koordinátorka pre hosťovanie a vysielanie dobrovoľníkov
+421 944 184 216

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