PLAMIENOK is a non-profit organization that works with terminally ill children at home, so they don't have to be at the hospital but at home with their parents and close family surrounded by love. The professional team visits them at home and provides them with medical, nursing, psychosocial and spiritual care. They reduce the physical suffering of the child to the lowest possible level. They offer these services in Bratislava and 2 hours of travelling around Bratislava.

In the Counselling centre in Bratislava PLAMIENOK offers therapeutic consultations with children and families after a loss of their loved ones under any circumstances. Plamienok´s team accompanies them during their bereavement process, offering them support and professional counselling.

They also organize educational programmes for students and professionals. The educational model is based on the method of Creative Accompaniment, a teaching model that tackles medical, psychosocial and spiritual issues and offers the possibility of personal growth.

In the Counselling centre there also are clinical volunteers, who got through the Bereavement course which is offered to anyone who is interested in working with families in PLAMIENOK's Counselling centre. The course takes 6 months and is in English (the lector speaks English). It aims to develop personal and professional skills. In this field there are no opportunities for English-speaking volunteers as there are no foreign clients in the centre.


Current volunteer positions:

  • Help with administrative work
  • Creative volunteer


Contact person:

Katarína Mistríková

Administration campaign and fundraising activities


Zadunajská 6A

851 01 Bratislava

mobil: +421 903 505 550

Tel./fax: +421 207 18 169

E-mail: mistrikova@plamienok.sk


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