Rodinné centrum Dlháčik


This family centre located in Karlova Ves was established by mothers on maternity leave and this place is still run by mothers mostly. Parents and children (aged 0-6) can feel free to join but have to notice that the parents are responsible for their children all the time. Inside the facility there is a big playroom where also activities like puppet theatre or 'small scientists' take place.

About 300 kids join RC Dlháčik every month in winter; about 150 less in summer. The huge diversity of events and activities attracts a lot of members. Volunteers are meant to share their skills (like singing, dancing for instance) and help with events or construction or cleaning work.

Especially English-speaking volunteers are wanted because there also are English lessons offered and the more the children get used to the language the better is the learning success. All of the staff members are volunteers and BDC was able to attract and send about 20 volunteers to RC Dlháčik, for what the leadership is incredibly grateful.

So if you want to join a staff working in a very friendly environment and with good English skills don't miss to sign up for RC Dlháčik today!


Current volunteer offers:

Cleaning volunteer:
Ususally on Friday when the center closes the center could use a pair of hands for about two hours to help them clean. The hours can be scheduled according to your availability and they would be very happy about your help if you could spare a little time.

Special activities volunteer:
Once a month, Rodinné centrum Dlháčik organize a special event for families and they need help to organize it and make sure everything is going well during the activities. According to the program it can be either during the week or on weekends. The workload is approximately from 3 to 4 hours per month. There is no need to be trained to work with kids since the children usually come with their parents and there will be others around to help you if you don't understand a child or don'T know how to handle a situation.

Welcoming volunteer:
The playing room is open every day from 9.00 to 11.30 and from 16.00 to 18.00 and the center is looking for a volunteer who opens the center and greets families during this time. It will be organized by shifts according to your availability and RC Dhlacik would be very happy to welcome you in their team.


Contact details:
Petra Raffayová
+421 949 715 501

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