Rýchla rota is back

Chip and Dale, Gadget, Monty and Zipper. Do you remember them? Rescue Rangers or in Slovak Rýchla rota always ready to help there where it was needed. Today our heroes are back. Make your childhood dream come true and join them too.

Volunteering programme Rýchla rota begun in 2000 in Czech Republic as one of the forms of the volunteering centre Hestia in Prague. The programme was joined also by active high schoolers and it was spread throughout the country. And now it came to our country too. Why is it so explains our project coordinator Lucia Johanesová: "Rýchla rota programme is a new project which was created based on the request from NGOs, who needed volunteers about one week before an event. This type of programme was also requested by people who couldn’t volunteer regularly. Thereby Rýchla rota helps NGOs and at the same time engages new people into volunteering."

For who is the Rýchla rota meant to be?

Volunteering programme Rýchla rota is for volunteers who doesn’t have enough time for regular volunteering in one organisation but they would like to help at least as a one-time activity. For example: If someone works on shifts and his/her working time is always different so he/she can’t promise to come on a precise time to tutor children in crisis centres which takes place each week on the same day. (You can read more on tutoring project here). Rýchla rota is according to Lucia Johanesová also for those who doesn’t know where they would like to volunteer but they know that they would like to help. "The aim of Rýchla rota is to help with those volunteering offers which occur in last moment. Usually it concerns big one-time events in the area of environment, culture, sports and social area. “

Rýchla rota in action

Although this is a new project in our volunteering centre we already realized one successful event. Our volunteers helped with the participants´ registration and tickets distribution for the Forum about artisan food.

How to become a member of Rýchla rota

First it is necessaire to register with our volunteer centre and participate in a meeting and training with the programme coordinator. She will be then sending you e-mails with volunteering offers based on the needs of organisations in Bratislava region. It is up to volunteers to react to the offer and decide where they want to help. Programme can be joined during the entire year by individuals or groups aged between 15 and 99 years. The only condition is to participate in at least one event per year and communication with the coordinator even if you are not interested in the offer.

One last step

If you are interested in Rýchla rota programme and you would like to join it, let us know. We will be sending you volunteering offers at least once a month. We are looking forward to you.

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See you soon!

BDC Team



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