Seniors and fairy tales. Could this work together?

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Love for books and children. These two things were bind together to create a volunteering programme for seniors entitled Čítankovo (Story time). Both kids and seniors are delighted. You can have a look yourself..

How many parents or grandparents read stories to their children on a regular basis? Contact with stories which open their imagination and distinguishes between good and evil is often neglected. On the other hand, tablets and cell phones are given priorities. This however is not the case in the intergenerational programme Čítankovo within which seniors read to children in nursery schools in Bratislava.


The aim of the Čítankovo project is to develop relationship of children to reading and books and at the same time provide positive role models in the persons of adults in this case seniors. We managed to launch the pilot project in nursery school Vrakuňáčik. Two seniors – Mrs. Veronika and Mrs. Evka – visit the nursery school on a regular basis once in a week between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm, where they read on a certain topic which was selected beforehand. One of the condition is to participate in the programme for at least 6 months. Senior will develop a positive relationship with children and they can look forward to someone who they already know and they have positive experiences with her/him.

Conditions to participate in Čítankovo programme

Any senior from Bratislava region can participate in Čítankovo programme. It is ideal if the senior lives close to the particular nursery school so he/she has better access there and doesn’t have to travel through whole Bratislava. Volunteers for the programme are selected on the basis of filled out questionnaire and personal interviews. Before starting they have to pass a training so they know how to communicate with small children and how to read so they catch their attention. At the same time, they are provided with professional support, leadership and supervision throughout the programme. The programme is conducted also during the summer vacation as Vrakuňáčik runs without a break.

Basic conditions are:

  • to be at least 50 years of age
  • patience
  • responsibility towards the programme
  • interest to work with preschool children
  • will to devote 1 to 3 hours per week to children 
  • slovak language as mother tongue

We are continuously looking for volunteers for Čítankovo programme

Currently we would like to launch the Čítankovo programme also in L. Sára nursery school in Karlova Ves. If you are a senior you can e-mail to info@dobrovolnictvoba.sk or call 0918 569 781. If you know any senior in your neighbourhood who could be interested in the programme recommend him/her to us. We would be grateful

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