Thanks to volunteering you can travel

Did you miss the opportunity to travel during your studies? Still, you would like to visit a foreign country but you don’t have enough resources? Don’t worry. Volunteering could be one of the solutions.

Thanks to European Voluntary Service (EVS) volunteers aged between 18 to 30 years can travel to the European Union countries. The aim is to support personal, educational and professional development of the volunteers. They will discover new cultures, meet interesting people and practice the foreign language.

What you can do within EVS?

There are number of various volunteering offers for those who want to volunteer abroad similarly as it is in Slovakia. You can work with children, seniors or with disabled people. Or you can help in the area of environment protection, in the area of culture or sports in the selected country.

For how long you can travel?

EVS offers short term and long-term trips for individuals and also groups. Short term trips last usually from two weeks to two months. They are aimed to those who can’t leave their home country for a longer period. Long term trips last from two months to one year.

How much will the EVS cost me?

European Voluntary Service is financed by the European Commission via the Erasmus plus grant programme. It means that a volunteer does not pay any fees. The travel expenses, insurance, meals, accommodation and pocket money are reimbursed.

How can be the EVS joined?

Each person who wants to volunteer abroad has to a have a so called sending and hosting organisation. Sending organisation is from his/her home country, i.e. from Slovakia. It could be e.g. our Voluntary Centre. Hosting organisation is in the country where the volunteer wants to travel. You will find the list here. Since volunteering offers are numerous, the whole process of searching and finding an offer and approval of the EVS project can take some time (from one to maximum five months). That is why you have to thoroughly consider in advance where and when you would like to go and what would you like to do there. When you find a host organisation in desired country you will send them your CV and motivation letter and you will pass a phone interview with the representatives of the organisation. If you need help in the process do not hesitate to contact us via eds(at)dobrovolnictvoba.sk and we will arrange a meeting. You can’t leave via EVS all of a sudden you always need that a sending or hosting organisation prepares a project. It is thus advised to contact relevant organisations even one year before you would like to travel.

What are you entitled to and what are your duties within EVS?

Sending organisation provides basic training on rights and duties of volunteers abroad, insurance and it contacts the volunteer from time to time if everything is ok. Hosting organisation takes care of the travel, accommodation, mentor and so called on-arrival and mid-term training. On-arrival training is conducted in the first months from arrival and a mid-term training in the middle of a long-term project. Their aim is to evaluate the conducted activities from the point of view of the volunteer and the organisation. Volunteers get also money for meals and small pocket money. He/she signs a contract on volunteering activities and he/she has to fulfil its terms. At the end of the EVS he/she fills out so called youthpass. This is a skills certificate, which were acquired during the stay abroad.

EVS in practice

Luka from Germany works at our BVC via EVS. He recently graduated from high school and came here for 10 months. In our Centre he is connecting organisations and foreign volunteers living in Bratislava and its vicinity and he motivates people to volunteering via his blog. And this is how his on-arrival training looked like after his arrival to Slovakia.

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