To berate and complaint is not enough

Are you disgusted from politics, situation in the world and your job? Do you have the feeling that the world we know is slowly being ruined and you can´t do anything about it? Due to many negative information we often resign to any change.

We have good news for you. Volunteering could represent a way out of this depressing situation which often seems as a dead end. We are not able to eradicate hunger or terrorism so fast but we can bring a positive change to our community. It is sufficient to start from yourself and instead of complaining with a drink in your hand you can better selflessly help others. We will gain a good feeling for ourselves and at the same time we will make someone´s day. Very often we try to solve world problems – especially on social networks. But in this manner, we practically do not contribute to any solutions. Instead we should look around and suddenly we find out how many things we are able to influence in our closest surrounding.

All it takes is just a little effort. And it really works.

We have about 5 thousand volunteers in our database who prove it every day. They decided to spread GOODWILL in Bratislava region and they devote their free time to those who need it.

Another good news is that there are no limits to volunteering. While volunteering age or qualification is not important. Once we decide to volunteer we will gain new dimension in our life. We will discover our limits, we will meet new people and we will gain control over our life. We will learn new things and we will gain new abilities which we otherwise wouldn´t be able to gain.

The positive aspect is that there is number of volunteering possibilities. It is up to us what we choose to do. We can help to ill or handicapped people, look after animals in shelters or take care of our environment. Or we can provide our knowledge and talent to organisations who have no one to work with computers or on marketing issues.

All it takes is to decide.

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Our many thanks.

BDC Team

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