Tourist Angels

Tourist Angels is a voluntary program that aims to help tourists and visitors to get to know the city. Tourist Angels are volunteers located in the most visited places of Bratislava, where tourists can easily meet them. They are easily recognizable by their clothes and clothing logo. Passing trough Bratislava they meet tourists and people which are visiting the city. Tourist angels are packed with information and are supplied with promotional materials. They can guide tourists how to get inside the city, know the most interesting parts of Bratislava which are worth seeing. Alternatively, they can advise tourists where they can taste real Slovak cuisine or which places they should not miss when visiting Bratislava. This information can be provided both in Slovak and English.

How does the volunteering programme work

A couple of volunteers is located in the tourist-bustling area of Bratislava, where they are available to tourists – they are easily recognizable on the basis of clothing and are helpful to tourists and visitors of Bratislava. Volunteers help tourists navigate the city, navigate them how to get there, explain to them how public transport works or can recommend where they can taste true Slovak cuisine. Tourist angels are available to tourists during Easter (19.4.- 22.4.2019) from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. You can choose one day to help, or you can help every day. 

Conditions to participate in the programme

Anyone who is open to new experiences and likes to communicate with people can join the programme. Terms for joining the program are as follows:

  • minimum age of 18 years
  • volunteer should have time for initial training
  • the volunteer must speak basic English (other languages are advantage)

If you interested, send us email to: ahoj@dobrovolnictvoba.sk

Looking forward to see you soon :)

BDC Team

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