Veronika began volunteering in 2011. She wanted to gain an unusual experience, overcome hers and other´s prejudices. Through her friend she learnt about a non-profit organization Depaul Slovakia and she was volunteering in a few organizations since then. She was helping with distribution of food and clothes, free-time activities and tutoring for children, organizing travel lectures, collecting clothes for homeless refugees and she´s been mentoring a young girl from an orphanage.

This volunteering experience was very helpful for Veronika. She learnt to solve crisis, accept people just as they are and not to have unrealistic expectations. She understood the homeless issue, how the social system works in Slovakia and how to look at things from different perspectives. Besides that she also gained strong new friendships.

Volunteering helped Veronika with studies and in her work. She got a position in the organization where she was a volunteer. She could put her knowledge of third sector into use as well as the ability to adapt in modest conditions came across as convenient in her field research for post-graduate studies.




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