Volunteering for homebodies and antisocials

Not everyone is made for work with people. Somebody likes his own privacy, other the comfort of his home. The positive thing is that volunteering can be performed also from home but also in a way that the person concerned doesn’t even know that he/she is being helped.

If you desire to help others but you are not the type who likes to meet people, you can also volunteer from your own sofa. This is how you use your knowledge and talent for the benefit of others.

There are numerous volunteering offers

If you make your living thanks to computers lot of NGOs often need help with their website. Since majority of NGOs employ only few people who take care of the basic mission of their organisation, they don’t have enough time for the website creation or Facebook administration. Or some NGOs need help with graphics. Such a volunteering offer was published at the end of February by Greenpeace. Environmental project HorebPET which is collecting PET caps from bottles was looking for a volunteer web developer at the end of December.

You can do almost anything from home

If you have a computer and internet connection and you can work with Excel you can for example help with a conference organisation. This kind of volunteering was offered in March by Osmijanko. A volunteer was from home managing e-mails and applications for conference.

Incognito volunteering

Autistic Centre Andreas was in January looking for a volunteer who would help to make shopping to their client. This volunteer was supposed only to observe the concerned person from distance and intervene only if something wouldn’t be all right.

Everything is possible if we want to

Volunteering doesn’t mean only help to others. It is beneficial also to volunteer himself, who will improve his skills in the set field. He feels good which is then reflected in his self-confidence or he reconsiders his priorities in life. And the best is that it is possible to help from the comfort of your living room. If you would like to become a volunteer register at our website and you can regularly receive recent volunteering offers in Bratislava region.

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